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Cara Valentino

Cimara has been working with me for more than two years and is consistently outstanding! I highly recommend her cleaning service.

Amanda Harris

Cimara and her team are fantastic! I am always so delighted to come home and enjoy how clean my home is after she comes.

Jeannie Baumann

Very sweet, always prompt and extremely trustworthy. I’m almost scared to write this because then she might not be available. LOL but they’re really good.

Chevy Chase, Maryland, is a small bedroom community northwest of Washington, D.C. It is right next door to Friendship Heights, a very popular shopping district in the D.C. area. Chevy Chase is a beautiful and quiet community that has some current and former famous residents working in and around Washington, D.C. The residents of Chevy Chase generally commute to work and, with the fast paced lifestyle in the city, they view their home as a retreat from the intensity of their careers.

Cimara Cleaning wants to add to the feeling of relaxation your home gives you in Chevy Chase, and make sure when you come home, your house is a clean, healthy, and stress-free environment for you and your family to live in, rather than worry about cleaning it.

Why Hire Cimara Cleaning?

Cimara Cleaning is a bonded, licensed, and insured company. We’re a local house cleaning company that recognizes your need to be comfortable with anyone who comes to do your house cleaning. Security is key. The residents of Chevy Chase must know that anyone who comes into their home is completely trustworthy.

With that in mind, Cimara Cleaning thoroughly vets each and every employee we have. You can rest assured that when your house cleaning is done in Chevy Chase, whether you are home or not, your house is in good hands.

Our teams undergo many hours of training before they ever walk into your home. They will be trained on the latest products, technology, and the most efficient ways to rid your home of all the dirt and grim. You can be sure that every inch of your home is cleaned every time our teams come in for your house cleaning in Chevy Chase.

Our Residential Cleaning Guarantee

Our residential cleaning teams are unparalleled for house cleaning in Chevy Chase. We know that when you clean your home, you’re squeezing it into an already busy schedule. Certain areas that are not used as often are neglected and anything that takes too much time to clean may be put off for weeks.

Our teams will not only show up every week, bi-weekly, or monthly right on time for your house cleaning, but we will never skip a task. Over time, this means your house stays cleaner for longer and your home will not undergo the usual “wear and tear,” ensuring that floors, countertops, and more experience a longer life span.

We are so confident in our professional cleaning teams that we guarantee our services. If ever there is an area of your home you are not completely satisfied with, all you have to do is call our customer service team and we will come and clean the area again free of charge.

We also have teams of professional house cleaners who are specially trained for deep cleaning services. We offer move-in/move-out services in Chevy Chase for those moving into a home and wanting to erase all trace of the former residents or those moving out of a home who want to leave a clean slate for the new owners. This same kind of deep clean is what we do for our spring cleaning, a cleaning that can happen all year round. If you are having an event in Chevy Chase, let us worry about making your home look perfect for your guests, and we can do the clean up after as well!

Cimara Cleaning also offers office cleaning and window cleaning in Chevy Chase. Hiring a professional company to clean your small office means the cleaning will get done the same way every time, ensuring your office shinesfor your clients and customers.

Our window cleanings are the ultimate add on for a sparkling home or small office. You’ll be amazed at the extra amount of light a clean window will let into your home or office!

If you’re ready to hire a trustworthy and competent house cleaning company in Chevy Chase, call Cimara Cleaning’s customer service team today to receive your complimentary quote for your first house cleaning in Chevy Chase.

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