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Cara Valentino

Cimara has been working with me for more than two years and is consistently outstanding! I highly recommend her cleaning service.

Amanda Harris

Cimara and her team are fantastic! I am always so delighted to come home and enjoy how clean my home is after she comes.

Jeannie Baumann

Very sweet, always prompt and extremely trustworthy. I’m almost scared to write this because then she might not be available. LOL but they’re really good.

The town of Kensington, Maryland has a history that begins before there even was a United States. A quintessential East Coast town, much of Kensington is designated historic. There is always something to celebrate in Kensington, many concerts, parades, and festivals take place for the town’s 2,111 person population as well as the many visitors seeking the unique historic town feel.

Considered a bedroom community, many of the residents commute to Washington D.C. for their careers. While the commute is not far, the traffic of D.C. and its surrounding areas cannot be overstated. Many of the residents of Kensington have not only a full time career, but many family and social commitments as well, leaving little time to care for their homes.

Thankfully, Cimara Cleaning is here to take care of your residential cleaning for you!

Hiring Experience

Cimara Cleaning has over a decade of experience in the town of Kensington. Our goal is to give you more time to do the things you love– spending time with family, seeing friends, and experiencing all the things that East Coast living has to offer. Kensington not only offers a wide variety of events, shopping, dining, and historic landmarks, but it is just a train ride from many big cities on the East Coast. Go out and experience all the things you want, knowing that you’ll have a clean, healthy home to come back to!

Let Cimara Cleaning use our expert knowledge in home cleaning take the weight off your shoulders. You can rest assured your house will be cleaned from top to bottom on a regular basis. If any part of your home leaves you less than 100% happy after your cleaning, call our customer service team. Within 24 hours, we will quickly come to your house and correct the issue. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures your home will be cleaned perfectly every time.

What Cimara Cleaning Can Do For You

Cimara Cleaning provides local cleaning services for our customers from the time you move into your new home until the time you move out. Our move-in and move-out services are among our most requested. When you move into an existing home, the best thing you can do is make sure that every nook and cranny has been thoroughly cleaned. We have your back!

We do our best to send the same team to clean your home every time you have a scheduled cleaning. This ensures that those cleaning your home are familiar with your cleaning needs and you are comfortable with who is in your home time after time. We choose only the best cleaning products and equipment, so that you never have to worry about running out to get a cleaning product or a vacuum breaking right before your scheduled cleaning. We provide our own. Cimara Cleaning Services has every aspect of cleaning your Kensington home covered.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules to fit your individual need. If you have a big event coming up— a holiday party, fundraiser, family reunion— we can do a “spring cleaning” to get your house all ready for the big day. Most of our clients also request their regular cleaning to be after the big event so we’ve got the cleanup taken care of too!

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