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Cara Valentino

Cimara has been working with me for more than two years and is consistently outstanding! I highly recommend her cleaning service.

Amanda Harris

Cimara and her team are fantastic! I am always so delighted to come home and enjoy how clean my home is after she comes.

Jeannie Baumann

Very sweet, always prompt and extremely trustworthy. I’m almost scared to write this because then she might not be available. LOL but they’re really good.

At Cimara Cleaning Services, we know life in White Oak, Maryland, can get messy. That mess might be from the daily goings-on at the office, kids and pets, or entertaining guests in your home.

Regardless, when you need cleaning services in White Oak, you need a team with proven methods and extensive experience in tackling a wide variety of cleaning jobs in a timely and professional manner. You need cleaning solutions that are flexible and affordable but still customized to your preferences. 

You need the experts at Cimara Cleaning Services.

Office Cleaning

As a family-owned business ourselves, we understand how much pride you take in your office space. It’s an investment, one that helps you make an impact on the White Oak community

Not only should it be clean to make the best connection to your clients, but it should also be clean for the health and wellness of your staff. You need office cleaning services in White Oak that give you a clean that you can see and feel. And that’s where the professional office cleaning service of Cimara Cleaning comes in. 

The first thing we do before creating your cleaning plan is walk though your space. We’ll discuss with you the types of things you’re looking for in a cleaning service and what you’re hoping to get out of our partnership.

After this, we’ll create a customized cleaning plan within your budget for your unique space needs. One cleaning plan will never be the same as the other as each of our clients are not the same. 

Some of the main services people add to their plan include disinfection services, janitorial services, and window cleaning services. However, you get to make your plan your own and have whatever services you want to clean your office.

cleaning services in White Oak

Carpet Cleaning

Finding professional carpet cleaning in White Oak that is experienced, professional, and won’t break the bank can be hard. However, Cimara Cleaning can be the perfect solution for your carpet cleaning needs.

Our experienced team members specialize in not only cleaning your carpets but also making them last. Your carpets are a huge investment so the longer you have them, the more money you save.

Unlike other companies who usually steam or dry clean carpets, we use a gentler and more effective cleaning system of hot water extraction. This allows us to clean the deepest parts of your carpet fibers getting rid of the germs, dirt, bacteria, and odor that lurk below.

We are so sure of our cleaning methods don’t be surprised if your carpet not only looks better but smells and feels better as well. All of the cleaning solutions we use are EPA-approved and safe to use anywhere whether that’s in homes or offices. 

Our carpet cleaning service can be added onto any cleaning package such as:

Upholstery Cleaning 

Think about all of the upholstery you have in one of your spaces. This could be in your home or your office.

Now think about all of the people who sit or eat there, the kids that play there, and the pets that lunge there. We think it’s pretty obvious why your upholstery needs to be regularly cleaned just like everything else in your space. 

Upholstery acts as a net for anything in the air, on clothes, or from pets. We’re talking about hair, dirt, germs, pollen, and dander. And then it builds up to not only deteriorate your furniture but to smell as well. 

With our upholstery services, those issues become a thing of the past. We use high-powered cleaning solutions and technology to suck your upholstery clean. Stains and odor don’t stand a chance against our dedicated staff who understands how every fiber or material works.

And if you’re worried about strangers in your home or office, don’t be. Each member of our team is background-checked and certified in their area of cleaning and can show I.D. Upon request at any time. Our upholstery cleaning service is a great add-on for a number of our services including house cleaning services in White Oak and spring cleaning services as well.

White Oak’s Choice Cleaning Company

If you are looking for cleaning services in White Oak, Cimara Cleaning Services is the best choice for you. Our cleaning crews have provided the White Oak community with office and house cleaning services for over 10 years, creating tailor-made cleaning plans for busy clients like you.

Need a clean house to attract prospective home buyers? Tired of the endless job of cleaning up after your family? Looking to impress clients with sparkling office space? Whatever your cleanliness goals, Cimara Cleaning Services can help you meet them as we have for clients all over the Greater Washington Metropolitan area.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a one-time cleaning service so you have fewer tasks to accomplish for your big social event. Arrange for recurrent cleaning services either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly so that your home or office always looks fresh and clean without sacrificing more important tasks in your busy life. 

The possibilities are endless with Cimara Cleaning on your side. And with our flexible scheduling options and dedicated staff, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want with us. Reach out to us today for more information on our cleaning services in White Oak or to schedule your first service today.

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