how to clean hardwood floors

The Secret Of How To Clean Hardwood Floors In Minutes A Day

There’s nothing quite like a gleaming, immaculate hardwood floor.  Having a hardwood floor can make your house feel warm, expansive and welcoming all at the same time, and the addition of a well-placed, cozy rug sitting atop the hardwood can make your house truly feel like a home.  But it’s notoriously confusing when it comes to knowing the best way to clean hardwood floors. Too much exposure to water, and your hardwood floors may end up warped or water-stained, but…Continue reading
professional house cleaners

Things To Consider Before Hiring Professional House Cleaners

Are you considering hiring a cleaning service to come in and take care of your home? There are certainly perks to having someone else handle the dirty work so you can spend more time with your family and doing what you love.  While it may be tempting to hire a low-cost, untrained cleaning company or an independent individual or team to come in and clean your home, you may be risking more than you gain. There’s a noticeable difference in…Continue reading
benefits of a clean home

Five Benefits Of A Clean Home That Will Improve Your Well-being

Today’s Washington D.C. area families are busier than ever. While we know keeping a clean house is a necessary detail to stay on top of, the truth is, cleaning is usually one of the first things to slip by the wayside when we get extra busy.  Unfortunately, this can compromise your health, among other things. A clean home is important for many reasons, not least of which is your physical and mental well-being.  Here are just five of the many…Continue reading
hiring a cleaning service

Does Hiring a Cleaning Service Really Save You Time?

If you are not someone who enjoys cleaning, this article is for you. With most of our waking hours spent on the job and the rest taking care of family, free time is hard to come by.  Most people don’t like spending their free time cleaning. That would make free time not really free if you’re working to clean your home. You’d rather be doing something else, anything else but cleaning up, right? If you dread the thought of cleaning…Continue reading
Upholstery Cleaning

What Are The Best Methods For Upholstery Cleaning?

There’s a reason your mom never let you eat on or put your feet on the furniture. Upholstery is like a magnet for dirt, crumbs, stains, and bacteria. All of these things cling to the fabric’s fibers like few other household surfaces, and soon your once comfy couch or chair is too crusty, smelly, or discolored to enjoy. What Mom may not have told you, however, are the many ways to clean your upholstery. No matter how careful you are,…Continue reading
carpet cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning: why you should go beyond vacuuming

Appearances can be deceiving. Carpet that doesn’t look discolored or dirty might still hide bacteria, allergens, grime, or dirt.  Regular vacuuming is a necessary element of home maintenance that can certainly help keep your carpets looking their best. However, it’s still important to book an annual or semi-annual professional home carpet cleaning to refresh and sanitize the floor you walk on and the carpet your children play on.  Keep odor, discoloration, and illness at bay. Let the professionals who are…Continue reading
house cleaning cost

How Much Does House Cleaning Cost?

For some, one of the biggest hurdles they face when they consider hiring a professional cleaning company is how much house cleaning costs. Sometimes, the fear that’s it’s out of their budget keeps homeowners from further investigation! In truth, the cost of house cleaning varies greatly, depending on the services you are provided and the type of company you want to work with.  According to the national average, a weekly cleaning will cost between $75- $125 a week for a…Continue reading
find cleaning company

Why You Should Hire a Cleaning Company Today

There are millions of people who clean their own homes. Sometimes, they might think that they’d rather hire a cleaning company to handle this chore. But those same people might also think, “Why should I hire someone else to do something I can do myself?” Well, when you hire a professional cleaning company, you might be surprised by the difference it can make. Just as you could technically change the oil in your car yourself, it’s easier for you to…Continue reading
Six Steps to Get Your Home Winter Ready

Six Steps to Get Your Home Winter Ready

It is the coziest time of year—the time when we drink hot chocolate, wear warm fuzzy socks, curl up by a fire while the snow drifts softly down from the sky, and get our home winter ready. Sure, prepping for winter might not sound as soothing as the other activities associated with the season, but if you don’t get your home winter ready, you’ll surely be sorry. The dropping temperatures, wind gusts, and icy conditions winter inevitably brings can do…Continue reading
Cimara Cleaning Services

New Website, Same Great Service!

Since 2008, Cimara Cleaning Services has offered professional care for homes, offices, and building common areas in the greater Washington Metro area, including Northern Virginia. While our website is new, our business is familiar to many people within our service area. A family business, owners Cimara and Ramon worked hard to build a reputation for excellence, and soon found that business began to boom thanks in large part to word of mouth from satisfied customers. The increase of business required…Continue reading