Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Even though your house may be clean, if your carpet is not, then it still feels like your whole house is dirty! You can’t say your house is clean top to bottom if the floors aren’t. Let Cimara Cleaning give you a truly clean and healthy home with our professional carpet cleaning service.

We clean all kinds of carpeting and are experts at carpet stain removal and pet odor control. Our method and equipment give you the cleanest carpets, removing even the deepest dirt and allergens so you can feel comfortable and confident walking on your floors again.

Unlike other companies that steam or dry clean your carpets, destroying the fibers over time, Cimara Cleaning use the gentler (but more effective) method of water extraction. This gives you cleaner carpets that will last longer.

Our portable carpet cleaning extractors pump water and carpet cleaner solution deep into your carpet to loosen all the ground in dirt hiding there before suctioning all of the water and grime back into the machine, leaving your carpet fresh and clean.

Best of all, this method not only gives you cleaner carpet, but allows it to dry faster than other methods, letting you get back to enjoying your normal household activities sooner.


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