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Why You Should Hire a Cleaning Company Today

There are millions of people who clean their own homes. Sometimes, they might think that they’d rather hire a cleaning company to handle this chore. But those same people might also think, “Why should I hire someone else to do something I can do myself?”

Well, when you hire a professional cleaning company, you might be surprised by the difference it can make. Just as you could technically change the oil in your car yourself, it’s easier for you to have someone with knowledge and expertise tackle the task. The people who come in and clean your home have been specially trained in residential cleaning. They will likely take the time to clean things you typically don’t.

Let’s talk about some of the advantages that come with finding the right cleaning company to clean your home.

What Is Your Time Worth?

On average, people clean six hours a week. Women spend at least an hour more per day cleaning up around the house. Think about your hourly rate at your job. Say, for example, you make $30 per hour and you spend six hours cleaning your home a week. It costs $180 of your time to clean your house.

Add in the fact that the time you spend your home could be spent with friends and loved ones. You could spend that time working out and focusing on your health. You could volunteer for a cause close to your heart. Whatever you’d rather be doing may add to the cost.

Think about what having a professional residential cleaning team clean your house would give you— in addition to a clean and healthy environment for your family to live in. Why spend six precious hours cleaning when you can hire a cleaning service that will work quickly to professionally clean your home.

Cost Efficient

Have you ever thought about how much money you spend on cleaning products per month? Buying cleaning products that are safe to use around your family and pets can make up a chunk of your monthly budget. What about the cleaning equipment you use? Vacuums are expensive to replace. And don’t forget to include mops, cleaning cloths, or any other pieces of equipment needed to clean your home.

If you hire a cleaning service to come once per week, you can cut that monthly spending down to practically nothing. Of course, you’ll still need supplies to clean up messes that happen throughout the week, but you will use less product overall. The life of your vacuum will also be extended as its usage will be reduced.

The money you spend on a cleaning service will most certainly be offset by the money you save on cleaning supplies.

Improved Consistency

We’ve all been there. You are cleaning the house, and you know you should wipe down the cabinets. But you did it last week and today, you’re in a hurry. So you skip it. The same thing may happen the week after, and the week after that. All of a sudden, it has been a month. The light hits the cabinets just right and you’re horrified to see that they’re filthy. You quickly grab your cleaner and towel and wipe down all the cabinets… if you have time at the moment, that is.

With a professional cleaning company, that inconsistency does not happen. Your cleaning team will clean your entire home, per your cleaning plan, each and every time they come. So once a week, once every other week, or once a month, your home is cleaned correctly.

Because you’ll be getting a more consistent clean, there will never be a dirt build up around your home that takes a lot of time or energy to fix. Your home will be generally healthier thanks to the consistent cleaning of your residential cleaning company.

Find a Cleaning Company You Trust

Finding a cleaning company you can trust is vitally important. Often, your cleaners might be in your home when you are not. Make sure you find a house cleaning service that’s insured, licensed, and bonded. If any accidents should happen, you won’t be held financially responsible for them.

Additionally, ask the cleaning company if they do background checks on all their employees. This will ensure that they’re only hiring employees with the utmost integrity.

Finally, check their ratings online and with the Better Business Bureau. Knowing how they have treated other clients is a good indicator of how they will treat you.

As you search for a house cleaning service, you are taking the first step to making house cleaning simple and easy. Cimara Cleaning Service is here to help. Call our team and ask for your complimentary quote today. We are standing by to answer all of your questions and get you booked for your first cleaning!