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Are You Benefitting from Weekly House Cleaning Service Yet?

There are a lot of reasons to love your house cleaning service from Cimara Cleaning Services. We save you the time and stress usually spent on cleaning and leave your home in pristine condition. But are you enjoying the full benefits of what professional house cleaning has to offer? 

Many house cleaning clients are hesitant to commit to weekly house cleaning. We understand. If you haven’t used a cleaning service before, you might be wondering if it’s worth it. After all, you probably did your own cleaning up to that point, and house cleaning services come at a cost. To mitigate that cost and ease into the professional house cleaning experience, many of our clients start with monthly cleaning services to see how things go. 

What these clients don’t know, however, is that monthly house cleaning services don’t serve them well. While we like to offer our clients flexible scheduling to fit their many different needs, for most homeowners, monthly cleaning services do not have the kind of impact they are looking for in their busy lives. 

If you want to save yourself time, enjoy a sparkling house, and all the other benefits of professional house cleaning, the best way to do that is with weekly house cleaning services. To help you see the difference, here are the benefits of weekly house cleaning services compared to monthly cleaning services. 

Weekly House Cleaning Leaves Your Home Cleaner

This is the most obvious benefit, but a home that is cleaned more frequently stays cleaner. Your family tracks in dirt, drops crumbs, and leaves behind fingerprints every day. The longer you go between cleanings, the more all of that grime builds up. Then when we come for your monthly cleaning, it’s harder to cut through that build-up and give you the clean results you deserve. 

With weekly house cleaning, you don’t have to live in filth three weeks out of the month. Each weekly appointment leaves your home feeling fresh and easily eliminates the past few days’ messes. Your home will consistently look and feel great instead of just once a month. 

Your Family Will Be Healthier

No one likes the look or feel of grime, but you also know that a dirty house is unhealthy. Germs, allergens, and molds love to hide out on the household surfaces that your family touches every day. Without regular cleaning, your family and guests are at risk of illness and allergies. 

The best way to combat bacteria and other dangerous particles is with weekly house cleaning. Our team is trained in all the best ways to sanitize household surfaces and eliminate the germs and allergens that make your family sick. However, the effects of monthly cleaning services wear off quickly. Protect your loved ones all month long with recurrent weekly house cleaning services.

weekly house cleaning

You Will Save More Time 

Without a cleaning service, how much time do you spend cleaning each week? Imagine if you got all of that time back rather than a quarter of it. 

Weekly house cleaning services versus monthly gives you back part of your week every week instead of just once in a while. Think of all the more appealing things you could do with that time. Your schedule would be lighter, and your days less hectic. You could focus on the things you want to do or are more pressing. You’d have more flexibility when emergencies arise. 

They say everyone has 24 hours in a day, but a weekly house cleaning by Cimara Cleaning Services lets you choose how you spend those hours.

You’ll Save Money Too

Saving money is often the motivation behind monthly house cleaning services, but you might be surprised to find that weekly house cleaning is a better bargain. 

Just like when you buy in bulk at the grocery store, the more recurrent cleaning appointments you schedule, the cheaper they are individually. That means that per hour, your monthly cleaning service cost is actually higher than that of weekly or bi-weekly house cleaning. And because frequent cleaning gets your home cleaner, you’re getting more for your money with weekly house cleaning. 

Still not convinced? There are other little ways you’ll save money with weekly house cleaning services too. For instance, you can cut back on cleaning supplies because we bring our own. You can also save money on conveniences like the fast food you have for dinner when you’re too busy cleaning. Some individuals even find that the time they save is more valuable than the money they pay for cleaning.

Your Stress Will Decrease

You can check house cleaning off your to-do list this week and the next and the next when you schedule recurring weekly house cleaning with Cimara Cleaning. Having just one less thing to think about each week can take a load off your mind and reduce unhealthy stress

With less time spent on cleaning, you’ll have more time to take care of yourself and fewer things to worry about, like if your home is clean for visitors or how to fit cleaning into an already full week. 

Cimara’s dependable weekly house cleaning services are designed specifically to give you a break and simplify your life not just once in a while, but week after week, so you can enjoy your home and your life more. If you aren’t enjoying all of these benefits yet because you’re stuck with monthly cleaning appointments, talk to us today about upgrading to weekly cleaning services!

weekly house cleaning

Enjoy All the Benefits of Weekly House Cleaning Services By Cimara Cleaning 

You can never have too much of a good thing. Make the most of your favorite Cimara Cleaning Services with weekly house cleaning. We save you time, money, and stress with high-quality cleaning week after week. Our loyal clients love the difference that frequent cleaning makes in their lives, and you will too. 

Our expertly trained team comes to every appointment prepared to tackle all of your household messes. They clean and sanitize all of your living space surfaces and leave you with a fresh, healthy home environment. All of our services are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Giving you a quality experience is our top priority!

To book your valuable weekly house cleaning services, start with a free online estimate, and let us know what you need from us. We are happy to answer all of your questions and create a customized cleaning plan for you!