Window Cleaning Services

Windows are essential features in our homes and workplaces, making a major impact on our lives. Each day we peer through the windows to get our first glimpse of the sun, we gaze and wonder what the day will bring, we innocently spy on our neighbors, we wait excitedly for special visitors. 

As much as we stare through these pieces of glass? We may not always notice the layers of dirt and dust that accumulate. 

At Cimara Cleaning, we’ve seen the level of filth that hides in plain sight, resulting in dingy views and darkened rooms. Our team is eager to let the light back in your home, leaving you with nothing but breathtaking views. You’ll notice clearer scenery and brighter rooms after utilizing our window cleaning service. With a reduced need for artificial lighting, you may even see a reduction in your electric bill. 

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Maryland’s Preferred Window Cleaning Service

When you schedule a residential window cleaning or commercial window cleaning service, our team executes an exceptional, full-service cleaning both inside and out. We thoroughly dust your blinds, and ensure the extensive washing of your window glass, window tracks, and screens. We clean windows up to 30 feet high—or higher, if your building’s windows tilt in. 

Using meticulous methods and trusted techniques, our specialists handle your windows with unparalleled attention to detail. Our customers will tell you we clean with care, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to our window cleaning services, working diligently throughout the greater Washington D.C. area

Our Professional Window Cleaning Process

We employ trusted cleaning methods, using water, ammonia, and dishwashing soap to remove greasy dirt for a sparkling clean, adding windshield washing solution for sub-freezing temperatures for beautifully-cleaned windows year-round. 

Armed with a sponge and scrubber, a 5-gallon bucket full of sudsy cleaner, a razor scraper to remove paint, labels, and stuck-on goop, lint-free towels, a screen washer, and a ladder, we tackle the dirtiest of windows through our proven commercial window cleaning process:

  1. We remove all window screens and clean them by request
  2. We scrub each glass panel, adjusting our cleaners as necessary for a thorough shine
  3. We squeegee your windows clean, moving from top to bottom
  4. We wipe away excess water from window edges and wipe off streaks

Additionally, we take extra care when bringing and using ladders in and around your home. All of our extension ladders are equipped with rubber guards for protection. We also have step ladders that are only for indoor use. No matter what, we have the right equipment to clean your windows and care for your home and furnishings. We’re also fully bonded and insured to protect your windows and your building. 

window cleaning services

Thorough Window Cleaning Services

Your windows are made from more than just glass. Our window cleaning service is designed to clean every element of your windows, for a comprehensive clean. We offer the following extra services:

  • Screen Cleaning: A screen’s appearance depends on its age, location, and level of exposure to weather. Left unchecked for too long, it can be nearly impossible to make them look clean. We’ll determine the best course of action to clean your screens. Interior screens may just have a few cobwebs and can be cleaned with a dry brush or rag, while exterior screens may require a screen cleaning solution and water.
  • Track and Frame Cleaning: Our window cleaning service can include the cleaning of your window’s tracks and frames. We take care of all the dirt and the countless bugs that settle into the tracks of your window, using a small cordless vacuum and a spray bottle to leave every part of your windows spotless.

We offer several packages to suit your window cleaning needs:

  • Exterior-Only Window Cleaning Services: We work to remove hard water, bugs, and more in one all-inclusive price
  • Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning: We wipe exterior window tracks and sills, vacuum and cleaning inside and out. For a lower price, we will clean your window panes, but not the tracks or frames. 
  • Interior-Only Window Washing Services: We clean your window interiors. Our regular clients can benefit from a better deal when we clean your window interiors the same day of your cleaning.

Cimara Cleaning Services is a family-owned and operated business. When we care for your home or office, you become part of our family, and our clients notice the Cimara Cleaning Services difference

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