benefits of a clean home

Five Benefits Of A Clean Home That Will Improve Your Well-being

Today’s Washington D.C. area families are busier than ever. While we know keeping a clean house is a necessary detail to stay on top of, the truth is, cleaning is usually one of the first things to slip by the wayside when we get extra busy. 

Unfortunately, this can compromise your health, among other things. A clean home is important for many reasons, not least of which is your physical and mental well-being. 

Here are just five of the many health benefits of a clean home:

1 – Clean Homes Reduce the Spread of Germs, and You May Experience Fewer Viral and Bacterial Illnesses

How important is keeping a clean house? Well, many areas of the home, if not kept clean, can be hotbeds of viral and bacterial growth. 

The kitchen, where raw foods are regularly prepared, if not kept cleaned and sanitized, can lead to a long list of illnesses, not least of which is salmonella. In fact, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) conducted a study in 2013 that found E. coli, salmonella, listeria, mold and yeast in the kitchens of study participants. 

The bathroom earns second place for the germiest zone of the home, with toilet flush handles and sink faucet knobs being repeatedly exposed to dangerous bacteria. 

Keeping these areas clean and sanitized can help keep your family healthy and can help prevent germs from spreading rapidly when someone in your home does happen to get sick.

2 – Clean Homes Reduce Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Those who suffer from environmental allergies know the scene all too well: You walk into a dusty, musty space—or out into a pollen-filled morning—and immediately your head feels full, eyes begin to water, nose runs and a fog settles over your head. 

Since typically outdoor allergens such as mold spores and pollen can be tracked in on feet, clothing and even pets, a house that isn’t regularly cleaned can affect those with outdoor allergies as well as typical indoor allergies to things such as dust and pet hair. 

Why is it important to have a clean house? Keeping your home clean and clutter-free and minimizing dust, pet hair and mold can significantly improve your allergy and asthma symptoms. Vacuuming with a high-powered, HEPA-filter vacuum, minimizing airborne dust by using a dusting spray when wiping surfaces, regularly changing bed sheets, and cleaning window dressings like curtains and blinds are all helpful in reducing your seasonal allergy symptoms.

benefits of a clean home

3 – Clean Homes Help Reduce Stress, Improve Mental Health

When the home is in chaos—clutter, dust, crusted who-knows-what on counters, pet hair clinging to furniture—it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

A dirty, messy home can actually make you feel more stressed, anxious and even depressed. A study conducted by Princeton University found that clutter can overwhelm our brains. Clutter and mess overload the visual cortex, with so much information competing to be processed, it makes it more difficult to focus on tasks actually needing your attention.

This is certainly not the only study that has correlated improved mental health and clean, tidy spaces. Psychology Today has compiled an entire article full of studies, including one that found that people who have clean sheets and bedrooms get better sleep. Clean house, clean mind!

4 – Clean Homes Are Safer Homes

Two of the main causes of injuries and deaths inside homes are fire and falls. Tripping over clutter left out on the floor or slipping on dirty or greasy flooring can lead to a trip to the emergency room for anything from a sprain to a head injury.

Cluttered homes that aren’t cleaned regularly can also become a major fire hazard. Cluttered, dirty spaces can be fast fuel for fires, while at the same time, the messy space could prevent you from escaping or getting rescued if it becomes necessary.

Keeping a clean, relatively clutter-free home can minimize the risk of falling accidents as well as reduce the severity and speed at which a fire moves through the home if one should occur. It increases your chances of escape or rescue, with fewer items that could potentially block exits.

5 – Clean Homes Can Lead to Better Food Choices

You may think, sure, those who have the self-discipline and can “make” the time to clean their homes regularly surely have the self-discipline to make wise food choices. While this may be true, a study performed at Cornell University in 2016 found that those working in chaotic home spaces ate more than twice the sweets than those in a neat, clean home space. 

The participants were split into two kitchen environments: one that was clean and organized and another with dirty, messy tables and piles of dishes scattered around. 

“We found the more cluttered and confusing the environment was, the more people ate,” stated one of the authors of the study, Brian Wansink. “It made them feel more anxious, and when they got anxious, they ended up eating more cookies.” 

Why is cleaning important? Because keeping a clean home can help you feel calmer and less anxious and even improve your eating habits.

Cleaning for health

There are many benefits of a clean home, from simply keeping germs at bay to helping you feel less stressed and eat healthier. Unfortunately for so many Washington D.C. residents, making the time for cleaning and maintaining a clean home can be just as stressful and exhausting as living in a messy, dirty space.

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benefits of a clean home