hiring a cleaning service

Does Hiring a Cleaning Service Really Save You Time?

If you are not someone who enjoys cleaning, this article is for you. With most of our waking hours spent on the job and the rest taking care of family, free time is hard to come by. 

Most people don’t like spending their free time cleaning. That would make free time not really free if you’re working to clean your home. You’d rather be doing something else, anything else but cleaning up, right?

If you dread the thought of cleaning the toilet, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and doing other household chores, and you’d rather be doing literally anything else, then hiring a cleaning service is priceless.

7 Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service

  1. Saves You Time

This is the number one benefit of hiring a professional cleaning service. Having someone come in to clean your home will free up time for you. You could spend this extra time with family and friends.

Who wants to spend their evenings or weekends off from work cleaning their house? You need more time to relax and do the things you enjoy like binging your favorite TV show, exercising, or sleeping. 

The residents of Bethesda are very educated and among the wealthiest in Maryland. Bethesda offers a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment. Don’t let a messy home keep you down. Hire Cimara Cleaning Services so you can get out there and have some fun!

  1. Less Stress

As things pile up, you may feel stressed by the end of the week.  Having cluttered surroundings can cause stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety may increase as the week progresses, leaving you staring at a long list of overwhelming chores to do over the weekend.

  1. Convenience 

What could be better than having a professional cleaner come to your home at your convenience? While your home is being cleaned you could be running errands or helping your kids with homework.

  1. Deeper Clean

If you are like most people, you rarely have time to do a deep clean, right?  Professional cleaning services have the best products and procedures to do a deep clean in less time than it would take you. 

Most of us manage to clean the obvious places, and neglect the details, such as window sills, blinds, baseboards, and behind the toilet. Your cleaning service has these services scheduled into their list of specifications. And cleaning them on a regular basis will avoid the nasty buildup that can happen over time.

  1. Extra Hands for Events

Host that get-together you’ve been putting off. Enjoy your dinner party and leave the cleaning to the pros before and after.

  1. Avoid Embarrassment

Don’t ever be caught off guard again the next time you get a surprise visit from a friend or family member. Also, they don’t need to know that you hired a cleaning service. So no need to feel embarrassed about taking care of your home.

  1. Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to keeping a clean home. Germs can build up, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. It is important to keep in mind the harmful effects of cluttered or unsanitary surroundings.

hiring a cleaning service

4 Harmful Effects of Clutter

According to The Health Site, clutter:

  1. Promotes Confusion

Your surroundings influence your mental state. A cluttered space signifies a cluttered mind. You can begin to gain some control and discipline once your home is clean and clear. Hire a cleaning service to stack your books, wash and fold your sheets and take care of those dishes in the sink.

  1. Causes Accidents

A cluttered space increases your chances of tripping and falling. Imagine ending up in the ER after tripping over all that stuff piled up on the stairs.

  1. Makes You Eat More

A 2017 study jointly conducted by the US and Australia showed that people tend to overeat, or binge eat when they live in cluttered surroundings. According to the research, subjects ate more cookies when they were offered the treats in a cluttered kitchen than in an organized, clean kitchen.

  1. Ruins Your Mental Health

Living in messy, unclean surroundings makes you feel stressed, drained, and unhappy. Cluttered surroundings also contribute to anxiety and bad sleep hygiene. 

Wouldn’t You Rather Be Having Fun?

Your brain may need a cleanup too. It’s more than worth it to fit hiring a cleaning service into your weekly or monthly budget. Your time is valuable. Hiring a cleaning service can free up a lot of time. Having more time to have fun is priceless.

What would you do with two hours?  Psychology Today discusses how making time for fun is essential to clean up the clutter in your brain. Taking time to play with your kids is significant for their development. 

Adults need playdates too. Taking time to have fun is a great way to boost your physical and mental health. NBC News did a story about how important it is to make time for fun. 

You could do something physical like hiking which has many health benefits. When was the last time you went to a social event? Socializing with friends increases the release of good hormones like endorphins which alleviates stress and decreases depression and anxiety.

How much cleaner could your Bethesda home be? When you hire Cimara Cleaning Services, you can rest assured that every inch of your home will get the attention it needs to sparkle and shine.

To learn more about the benefits of hiring a residential cleaning service, or to receive a free quote for cleaning services at Cimara Cleaning Services, visit us online.

hiring a cleaning service