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Essential Home Office Organization Tips You Haven’t Heard Yet

Like much of the workforce, you might be working from home now more than ever. Maybe your transition into this work-from-home era has been an easy one; your home office is organized and clutter-free, and your space promotes focus and productivity. 

It’s also possible that, while you adjust to working from your house in these uncertain times, your home office feels distracting or cluttered. If so, you might need some strategies to organize your space.

Your home office setup is the key to your success in working from home. Imagine the difference it could make to work in an environment that promotes peace and puts your work at the focal point instead of stacks of paper, charging cables or office supplies everywhere. 

Here’s how you can achieve work-from-home, home office organizational bliss:

Make Use of Shelves

If your home office isn’t very large, it can start to feel cramped pretty quickly. So why not go vertical? 

Don’t get bogged down by a lack of space—you can find more organizational space to store necessary items with economical use of shelves. Open shelves can provide form and function: You can create storage solutions that are both beautiful and practical. Why not convert an entire wall into a well-organized shelf system? You’ll end up with an accent wall that provides interest in the room.

Here are a few examples of functional, beautiful home office shelving systems. Try adding bins and baskets that compliment your decor to keep supplies out of sight and give your room the right vibe.

Store Your Tech

There are already enough distractions when you’re working from home without the addition of your phone buzzing every time you get a message from a friend or your Kindle beckoning to you to read the next chapter of your book. 

The technology we have in our homes—and the tangle of charging cords that accompanies it all—can distract you and make your space look cluttered. You can shift your productivity into high gear by putting away attention-grabbing technology when it’s time to work.

Create a docking station for all of your devices to keep you on task. This is also the perfect time to come up with ways to detangle your charging cords with a cord management system that works for you. Suddenly your desk is clear of devices and the space underneath isn’t muddled with cords.

Close Up Shop

If your workspace is also a common space or part of the guest room or dining room, you’re not alone. You can shut down for the evening and instantly give yourself a tidy-looking space with a chic-looking secretary desk that closes if space is at a premium in your home. Better yet, you also can convert your old armoire into a workspace for a home office that is easily concealed.

The added benefit? When you close up your desk for the day, you can separate your work life from your home life, which otherwise can be challenging when you’re spending all your time at home.

Give Your Family a Command Center (Elsewhere)

One of our favorite home office ideas? Your home office organization doesn’t have to stop in your space. When the whole family is working from home, you’re interrupted countless times during the day with family members wandering in to use the printer, grab office supplies, or use the scissors and tape. The result is that your home office ends up cluttered with school projects, mail and other messes tracked into your workspace.

Try creating a family “command center.” It’s a one-stop-shop with a printer, corkboard, family calendar, school and office supplies, notecards, pens, a place for incoming and outgoing mail, a place to stow your keys, and more. It will mean less traffic in and out of your home office when someone needs to print a worksheet or report, grab an envelope, or finish a project because that all happens elsewhere. Your office stays organized, and your family stays more organized too.

File It Away

It’s easy for papers to pile up on your desk: mail, the kids’ school projects, your own work. Papers can accumulate quickly, and your desk can look messy as a result. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to implement a well-organized filing system with specific drawers designated for home and work use.

Not thrilled with the look of most regular filing cabinets? You can redo an old filing cabinet to match the most contemporary of decors and still keep your home office looking stylish. 

Extraordinary Organization

What else can you do to keep your home organized? Try these organizational tips:

  • Use compartments to organize desk drawers.
  • Reset and tidy your office each day.
  • Decorate in one consistent color palette.
  • Conceal your workspace behind an ornamental screen.

Start With a House Cleaning Service

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home office organization