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Everything You Need to Know About Disinfection Services Today

During the COVID-19 pandemic, disinfection services are more critical than ever. Businesses who forgo effective disinfecting services put employees and guests at risk for infection. You don’t want to be the facility that’s spreading disease.  

If you have been using a commercial cleaner before the pandemic, you might think you’re covered now. But there’s a big difference between standard cleaning and real disinfection. If you haven’t hired disinfecting cleaning services yet, who knows what pathogens are lurking in your workplace?

Here’s the low-down on professional disinfecting services and why they are so vital to the safety of those entering your facility.

Cleaning Services vs. Disinfecting Services

How clean is your facility? You probably can tell just by looking at the surfaces in your building. What you don’t know is how many germs are still on those surfaces.

Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same thing. If you hire cleaning services, they only are removing the visible dirt and grime from your facility. Some of the pathogens hiding in that grime will go with it, but unless your cleaners also disinfect surfaces, most germs will remain where they are, waiting to make people sick.

Disinfection kills the invisible microbes that hide on the surfaces of your facility. Regular disinfecting services significantly reduce the risk of disease transmission, not to mention the ick factor of all those germs!

The bottom line: Cleaning is about appearance, and disinfection is about health and safety. Both are important, but only one will protect people from illness. 

Why You Need Professional Disinfecting Services

Some facility owners and managers might believe they can handle commercial disinfection themselves. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the 2020 pandemic, it’s that many people do not understand how disease-carrying pathogens spread and how to stop them. Putting out hand sanitizer and wipes just won’t cut it. 

Whether you’re in charge of sanitation for an office, store or another type of facility, you need professional disinfecting services to get the job done right. Trained technicians understand the science of commercial disinfection and how to sanitize your facility to prevent germs from spreading. They know what areas and surfaces collect the most germs and what chemicals are appropriate for each surface. 

If an untrained person attempts to disinfect your workplace, they probably will miss vital areas or cause damage to your property. Using the wrong chemicals also can be dangerous to people. 

Speaking of danger, it’s no secret how contagious COVID-19 is. Millions of people worldwide have been sickened, and hundreds of thousands have lost their lives. The last thing you want as a facility owner or manager is for your customers or employees to get sick—or worse—because you failed to maintain a sanitary workplace. 

If you’re concerned about the cost of disinfection services, consider the costs of lost productivity and increased healthcare benefits if your employees contract COVID-19. If customers get sick, they may blame you and never do business with you again. 

Investing in the best disinfection services shows your goodwill towards the public and boosts your reputation, earning you more business. People want to support entities that contribute positively to their communities and make them feel safe. As companies and organizations begin reopening their doors, you want to be one that people trust. 

To create a truly safe business environment, hire disinfection services. Regular commercial cleaning services or DIY attempts simply aren’t enough. Proper disinfection is vital to stopping the spread of coronavirus and other illnesses. 

Best Practices of Disinfection Cleaning Companies

Choosing the right disinfection services has never been more important. However, not all disinfection services are created equal. All disinfection cleaning companies claim they will rid your facility of germs, but many do not use industry best practices, and they leave many unseen germs behind. 

So how do you know which professional disinfecting services are worth it and which ones are just going through the motions? Here are some industry best practices that reputable disinfecting cleaning services follow:

  • They have and know how to use the latest equipment for the job.
  • Their staff is thoroughly trained in disinfection and cleaning methods and follow high standards of professionalism.
  • They use only proven solutions, such as EPA-certified chemicals.
  • They use color-coded supplies to prevent cross-contamination.
  • They follow manufacturer recommendations for guaranteed disinfection. 
  • Staff members wear personal protective equipment. 
  • They offer a range of disinfection services suited for different types of facilities.

When deciding between disinfection cleaning companies, look for one that follows these standards to ensure you’re hiring the professionals and not amateurs.

Essential Disinfection Services for Your Maryland Facility

Do your part to prevent the spread of coronavirus by choosing the proven disinfecting cleaning services of Cimara Cleaning Services. 

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