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Things To Consider Before Hiring Professional House Cleaners

Are you considering hiring a cleaning service to come in and take care of your home? There are certainly perks to having someone else handle the dirty work so you can spend more time with your family and doing what you love. 

While it may be tempting to hire a low-cost, untrained cleaning company or an independent individual or team to come in and clean your home, you may be risking more than you gain.

There’s a noticeable difference in a professional house cleaning session, and it’s not just in how the pillows are fluffed or the vacuum patterns we leave in your carpet (although we have to say, at Cimara, we’re pretty exceptional at those things too).

What you may not have considered in hiring a professional cleaning service is all the training and care that goes into protecting you, your home and our staff with each cleaning session. 

A great deal of thought goes into how to clean safely, efficiently and effectively when you hire a professionally trained cleaning service.

The Difference in How Clean Your Home Is

Do you know the difference between a clean home and a hygienic one? Does your cleaning service? 

A professional house cleaning includes proper sanitizing, which is vital to keep your home a healthy one.

Yes, cold and flu viruses spread through the air, but they also can live for several hours and sometimes even days on the surfaces in your home, infecting you and your loved ones. In fact, viruses tend to live longer on hard surfaces like stainless steel, plastic and other hard surfaces like countertops and door handles. 

Is your cleaning crew knowledgeable on how to clean and sanitize your home? If they are not professionally trained like our team at Cimara Cleaning, they may not be.

The biggest difference? Professional house cleaners know the importance of sanitizing over disinfecting. Sanitizing kills all germs within 30 seconds, while disinfectants may not kill every germ on that surface. 

A professional cleaning service is trained to keep your home not just clean but hygienic. What’s the difference? 

“Clean” means that things are put away and perhaps dust is removed, but a professionally trained cleaning staff will know that you also want your home to be “hygienic,” which means that the risk of infection is properly dealt with. Those hard surfaces that harbor germs and viruses are sanitized. You are less likely to get sick because of your own home.

Well-Trained Cleaners Clean Efficiently

As trained professionals, we have a system in place to help get your home to a sparkling shine in record time

We aren’t wandering haphazardly around each room like an untrained crew might, but instead we use tried and true methods to be working at full potential every time we come into your home—like working clockwise, top to bottom, using both hands and working quickly but thoroughly to deliver a clean room in a fraction of the time it might take an untrained technician or a non-professional. 

We also have access to exceptional cleaning tools and take care of them so they aren’t leaving streaks from a cleaning cloth or using an inefficient or clogged vacuum. A trained cleaning technician knows just the right cleaning spray to de-grease your stovetop and invests in high-quality vacuums and mops because training shows us how much of a difference these tools can make.  

What products do professional house cleaners use to handle these messes? We have carefully crafted formulas and specifically selected products like microfiber cloths, high-powered vacuums, effective cleaning sprays and streak-free mops, all designed for quick use and clean results. 

Untrained cleaning companies might stumble on a few of these, but trained professionals learn which products and tools are the best to use in your home. With trained cleaning professionals, there’s a checklist for how to care for your home and also a checklist for how to care for the tools used to clean your home. 

And because there are all kinds of ways life in the digital age is easier, trained professionals also know how to use technology to clean your home efficiently. We’re not talking robot vacuums or drones with scrub brushes. We’re talking software designed for professional cleaning services.

With software programs like this one, designed just for focused, driven professionals like us, bookkeeping is a breeze, and we can work through a manual checklist to ensure that every part of your home is cleaned to our high industry standards. This allows us to work at our maximum level of efficiency, so your home is cleaned—and cleaned well—in record time.

Professional House Cleaners Know How to Keep You Safe

A professional house cleaning is so much more than just vacuuming and a dust rag. A lot of care goes into choosing the right cleaning products—products that work well and are safe to use in your most personal space, your home.

As a result, professional house cleaners have access to safety data sheets on every product we use, and we know how to use them. What is a safety data sheet? It’s an informational fact sheet that manufacturers are required to provide to the general public to learn things like storage methods, proper handling, health effects and reactivity.

Trained professional house cleaners, who receive an education on how to serve you and your family, not only learn the importance of these safety data sheets but also how to read them. These safety data sheets are meant for occupational use, and their availability is mandated by OSHA to help keep us and you safe.

How do these safety data sheets affect you and your home? A professional house cleaner will know to consult these safety data sheets for every cleaning product we use in your home. Perhaps you’ve heard the perils of using bleach and ammonia simultaneously because it forms a dangerous, toxic chlorine gas that can prove fatal. 

Are there other products that don’t commingle well? A trained professional knows to consult each and every safety data sheet to know what cleaning products “play nicely” with one another. We also understand and know how to analyze each safety data sheet. 

Can you be sure an untrained cleaning service does the same? In your own home, safety matters. 

professional house cleaners

… And Professional House Cleaners Also Know How to Stay Safe

You aren’t just hiring a cleaning service, you’re inviting people into your home, many times when you aren’t there. They might be on step ladders or cleaning under low spaces or shelves, where the risk of falling or straining one’s back is high. Chemicals may spill or splash near eyes. If someone is injured in your home, are you liable? 

Many untrained cleaning crews also are uninsured, which means you are the legally and financially responsible party if someone gets injured. Hiring a professional cleaning service means that more likely than not, the company is insured, removing you from the legal burden of an accident in your home while your house is being cleaned.

Professional cleaning services like Cimara Cleaning are insured, which means our employees are protected in the event of an injury and you are not liable. We also receive extensive training to prevent injury as much as possible, but we cannot always say the same for untrained cleaning crews, which means they are at higher risk of injury. 

We receive lots of training to prevent things like:

  1. Slips, trips and falls caused by improper footwear, cords or items underfoot, or a wet floor.
  2. Ergonomic injuries from lifting heavy items, lifting incorrectly or making repetitive non-ergonomic motions.
  3. Equipment accidents caused by using a piece of equipment improperly.
  4. Climbing accidents.
  5. Cuts or puncture wounds from broken glass or other items.
  6. Respiratory injuries from aerosol sprays, dust in the air or harmful fumes.
  7. Eye or skin injuries from cleaning chemicals.

Professional Cleaning Services Learn How to Avoid Damage

We also are trained in how to prevent damage in your home, like furniture getting scuffed or delicate lamps or heirloom vases being broken. 

But if the unthinkable happens, we are insured to handle it. We take great care to leave your home—and everything in it—better than when we arrived.

Not all untrained cleaning crews can say the same. They don’t receive the same training we do, and so you might find the surface of your granite countertop ruined or a picture or art piece knocked off the wall during a dusting session. And with these untrained cleaning crews, who is the liable party? Without insurance, it may be you.

Cimara Cleaning proudly offers these professional services in Gaithersburg and the surrounding areas because we value the difference of a professional house cleaning. Our clients hire us because we not only give them a clean home, we give them peace of mind as well, and as a result, they are thrilled with the work we do in their homes. They too know the difference of a professional house cleaning.

Whether it’s a weekly cleaning or something more specific like window or upholstery cleaning, we take great care with each of our services to ensure a safe, quality, professional clean every single time. 

Want to see the difference a professional house cleaning can make in your home? We can’t wait to show you what our training, hard work and exceptional service can do for you. 

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professional house cleaners