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The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

Finding professional office cleaning services can be stressful and overwhelming. Not only do you need to stick to a budget, but you need to know the people you hire know what they’re doing. 

Companies will try and showcase this in many different ways. Some will show you testimonials that could be easily out of date or not relevant. Others will focus on their cleaning crew, saying they have clean backgrounds and are trained and certified. 

While all of those things are important, they still miss the mark on what you need to know: Can they do the job and can they do it well? Will they be able to provide an office cleaning service that checks every box?

That’s why we’ve created an all-inclusive office cleaning checklist that highlights all of the things that need to be done by the office cleaning services that you hire. If a company can’t do all of these things on the checklist, we recommend going to more experienced and trusted cleaners, such as our team here at Cimara Cleaning. 

Providing Correct Cleaning Solutions and Equipment

Just because you find an affordable office cleaning service doesn’t mean you should sacrifice the quality you deserve. If a cleaning company is experienced and trusted, then they should be able to provide everything that’s needed to keep your space safe and hygienic. 

If you have to fork out extra money to get cleaning supplies or equipment for your cleaning company, that’s your first red flag. If they do provide their own supplies and equipment, you should ask them about the products they use and if they have the ability to kill as many germs and viruses as possible. 

Some common cleaning products and items a company should have include:

  • Sponges
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Vacuums
  • Mops
  • Brooms
  • Floor cleaning solutions for all types of floors
  • Trash bags

All cleaning solutions should be EPA approved to protect you and your staff. It should also be possible for them to clean your space and then you come into work hours later and not see sticky residue or smell an overpowering aroma from the products. 

Cleaning the Reception/Front Area

Your reception area is the first place people see when they walk in. Above all other rooms, that one has to sparkle and shine. Not only should the floors and ceiling be free of dust and dirt, but so should the upholstery, countertops, and windows. If you make the best first impression possible, you have a better chance at making them come back for more. 

Some common cleaning tasks that need to be handled in the front area include:

  • Cleaning all windows and mirrors
  • Vacuuming and washing all mats and carpets near the front
  • Emptying all waste
  • Cleaning the upholstery 
  • Straightening any knick-knacks or magazines for entertainment
  • Disinfecting high touch surfaces at the end

Cleaning the Cubicles/Office Rooms

The cubicles and general office area is where all the action happens. Your professional office cleaning service should pay extra attention to these spaces— after all, it’s your team’s home away from home almost every day of the week. Some common cleaning tasks include:

  • Emptying all waste
  • Wiping down countertops and sidewalls
  • Vacuuming or cleaning the floors
  • Straightening little items but not disturbing the space
  • Dust everywhere possible, including the vents
  • Disinfecting high touch surfaces 

Cleaning the Bathrooms

Bathrooms can become a cesspool for germs and bacteria, leading to the spread of sickness faster than you might imagine. Deep cleaning the bathroom is essential to the health and safety of every person who comes through your office; some of the main tasks that should be done daily include: 

  • Empty and disinfect trash receptacles
  • Clean and mop the floors
  • Scrub inside of toilet with cleaner and abrasive brush or cleaning equipment
  • Wipe down mirrors and windows if applicable
  • Disinfect all surfaces, especially toilets, toilet seats and sink faucets

Cleaning the Breakroom

The breakroom is the place where staff members can enjoy a break from their work. Maybe they’re eating lunch or grabbing another coffee, but whatever they’re doing, they should be doing it in a clean and sanitary environment. With so many people in there daily, it’s important that office cleaning services complete daily tasks such as: 

  • Cleaning and putting up leftover dishes in the sink
  • Wiping out and cleaning the refrigerator 
  • Emptying waste receptacles
  • Empty and clean coffee maker or other drinkware
  • Disinfect all surfaces and high touch points at the end

Cimara Cleaning: A Professional Office Cleaning Service

Serving Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas, Cimara Cleaning is a first-class office cleaning service ready to provide you with exceptional service. Our customers love working with us because we genuinely care about their business. We want every customer to have a clean space in which they can thrive. 

You could say we’re experts in creating first impressions that last. Whether that’s through our disinfection services or our organizational skills, you’ll impress your customers and ensure that they feel comfortable every time they come into your office. 

Most importantly, our services will help prevent the spread of illness or sickness, increasing work morale and giving your business the day-to-day manpower it needs to succeed. 

The Benefits of Working with Cimara Cleaning

The benefits that come along with outsourcing your office cleaning services are the kind that keep on giving. When you work with us you get:

  • Consistent communication with a dedicated team of cleaners
  • A clean and healthy work environment daily
  • The ability to customize your cleaning plan to fit your needs and budget
  • To go home after a long day at work instead of handling things yourself
  • An investment that continually pays off

We work with you to provide a cleaning service on your schedule. Everything is in your hands. 

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We hope that by going through our list it allows you to make better decisions in regards to who provides your office cleaning services. We also hope you’ve seen that Cimara Cleaning is always a top-tier choice when it comes to cleaning offices. To request your free online estimate today, go to our website. We can’t wait to meet you. 

If you still have questions after reading our ultimate office cleaning checklist, reach out to us on our website for more information.