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Here is How You Can Refresh Your Carpets Like a Pro

Fun fact: carpets can hold four times their weight in dirt, grime, and bacteria. So think about every time you’ve stepped on your carpets with dirty shoes or spilled wine everywhere — there’s a good chance those stains and dirt are still present deep in the fibers. 

Bacteria can also live up to four weeks in your carpet. You read that right — four weeks. So that means if anyone in your family has been sick or has allergies, those things are still stuck in the fibers if you don’t clean your carpet regularly. 

But how do you combat this if you’re not an expert carpet cleaner? Easy. You use our tried and tested carpet cleaning tips at Cimara Cleaning to give you an edge and figure out what works best for your carpets. 

Benefits of Regular House Carpet Cleaning

Before you get on your knees and start scrubbing out those red wine stains, let’s talk about what the benefits are of regularly cleaning your carpets. The thought of cleaning your carpets once a week can seem over the top to some, but if you understand the benefits you get from them, it can be a motivator to stay on top of your carpet cleaning schedule. 

Most importantly, a cleaner carpet can protect the health of every single one of your family members. Dirty carpets put dirt and allergens in the air, which can affect family members’ breathing and general comfort. If you have small children who are on the carpet a lot, it can expose them to dirt and germs. A regularly cleaned carpet helps fight those problems. 

Another benefit is your home simply looking better. If you’re a homeowner who hosts a lot of events or has pets, your carpets take a beating every day and have stuff fall over them. By regularly cleaning your home will simply look better — and it will feel really nice on your feet. 

By the following carpet cleaning tips, you should be able to get a clean that you can both see and feel. 

Vacuum Often

When it comes to carpet care, you can never vacuum too much. The average person who lives alone or with one other person can vacuum once a week and be good to go, although vacuuming more wouldn’t be a bad idea

For those with allergies or other medical conditions, you should vacuum once or twice a week, especially when your allergies are worse than normal. 

If you have kids or live with a large number of people or host events often, then vacuuming three to four times a week wouldn’t be a bad thing, too! A quick run-through at the end of every other day would at least put you ahead and save yourself from bacteria and dirt getting deeper into your carpet fibers. 

Make sure you clean your vacuum bag and filter often. Try to get a vacuum that has extra power or is specifically designed for pets if you have them.

Blot Stains, Don’t Wipe

Although it can be easy to want to grab a washcloth and scrub it out, don’t do that. Simply get the cloth wet and lightly blot the area for a few minutes. 

From there, you’ll need to get stain remover, spray it on, let it sit, and then lightly blot that up as well. When you scrub a stain, it makes it go deeper in the carpet and spreads it over a wider area. 

Ice vs. Gum and Slime

Getting gum or slime on your carpet can be extremely frustrating. Those aren’t the kinds of things you can get out easily. However, ice can get the job done, believe it or not! 

You’ll want to put an ice cube directly over the slime or gum and let it get as cold as possible. It should thicken up enough to where you can scrape it up off the carpet with a spoon. From there, you can use water and dish soap to scrub it out and repeat as necessary until the goop is gone. 

Baking soda Is Your Best Friend

Baking soda is a great ingredient to add to your vacuum or on your carpets to fight odor, especially if you have pets or kids. You can put it down as much as you want. There are usually specialized baking soda mixes at stores that you can buy specifically for pets as well. 

Deep Clean Every Three Months

Although regular cleaning is important, it’s also important to regularly deep clean your carpet as well. The best and easiest way to deep clean your carpets is with hot water extraction. You can usually find hot water extraction machines at your local hardware store. 

By using hot water extraction, you push in a hot water solution that gets deep into the fibers and gets rid of dirt and bacteria, and then sucks it back up. You might have to go over your carpets quite a few times before the water runs clear, which will show just how much dirt gets caught up in your carpets. 

Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Let’s face it — finding the time to clean your own carpets on a regular basis can be hard. With a job, a family, and things to do, it would just be easier to hire carpet cleaning services from a trusted company like Cimara Cleaning, and here’s why! 

Not only do our customers love working with us, but we offer an extensive list of carpet cleaning services to give you exactly what you want. We want to protect you and your family from allergens, dust, and dirt, and we clean with that in mind. 

We’ll look at your space and identify the areas of your carpets that need the most attention. From there, we’ll go through our inventory and decide the best way to clean your carpet in sections to make sure each area is thoroughly cleaned. Unlike other companies, we use hot water extraction, a gentler option for your carpets that will not only clean them but also help them last longer. 

The best part is that our service is hands-on and customizable, so if at any point you want to update your cleaning plan, you can. It’s that simple. If you’re ever not satisfied with your service, we’ll come and fix it right away as well. 

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